A piece inspired by the old-school arcade game Sinistar. Still one of the creepiest games ever made.
I did the key art image for Fabular, a video game about sword-wielding spaceships available on Steam. I made the key art with lots of negative space and separated everything on layers so that the layout could be changed for the large variety of compositions required in the Steam marketplace. Check it out here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/645720#scrollTop=0
I created the key art for Station to Station, a train simulation video game. Check it out here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2272400/Station_to_Station/

"Sheltered", a piece I did over a few sessions on Twitch.

Every year on my birthday I do a new self portrait. This is 2019.

Self Portrait, 2020 edition. 2020 was a  tough year for most of us.

The two images above were key art done for the videogame GONNER. I created several images at different aspect ratios for various digital store fronts.

"Airship of the Dead". This is a VR sculpt using Oculus Medium.

I painted this fake early 90's game console cover for the game Gone Home.
I created these images for the Blu Ray case and discs for Double Fine's Amnesia Fortnight 2014, which includes game protoypes, soundtracks, and a documentary.
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