"Mender Tower" is an early concept piece I did for RAD. This piece was selected to be a part of 2019 Into the Pixel art show. https://www.intothepixel.com/artwork/2019_contest_winners.asp

I created the "Rad Skull" image for the Main Menu in the game and it was also used in marketing-related art. The skull has a Mohawk made of grass because the player character grows new life as they make their way through the wasteland.

An image I created for the "Quirky" update for RAD.
The three previous images were early concept explorations for the Menders -- a mysterious civilization that rose up from the ashes of the first apocalypse. They built great machines to heal the world only to be suddenly "Devoured" by some unknown force.

The Original Sound Track image, used for both digital and vinyl releases.

An image depicting the Mender Pantheon, created as an inset image for the RAD Soundtrack release on vinyl.

I animated the RAD logo. Logo design by Cory Schmitz.

The Cracked Lands

 An artifact from the Menders, this statue is found in a secret cave area, embedded in rock. Toxic sludge flows from within it to a nearby pool, almost as if this was part of a larger purification system that went wrong.

An environment rough to show the overall placement and context of the statue above.

Rough Character Designs for the Transfigured Community.

Early character designs for the mysterious Town Elder.

Graffiti designs sprinkled throughout the game world that echoed the backstory and lore.

A concept for the Devoured Expanse, the third world in RAD.

The following screenshots represent the work of the entire RAD team:
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