"Mender Tower" is an early concept piece I did for RAD. This piece was selected to be a part of 2019 Into the Pixel art show. https://www.intothepixel.com/artwork/2019_contest_winners.asp

I created the "Rad Skull" image for the Main Menu in the game and it was also used in marketing-related art. The skull has a Mohawk made of grass because the player character grows new life as they make their way through the wasteland.

An image I created for the "Quirky" update for RAD.
The three previous images were early concept explorations for the Menders -- a mysterious civilization that rose up from the ashes of the first apocalypse. They built great machines to heal the world only to be suddenly "Devoured" by some unknown force.

I animated the RAD logo. Logo design by Cory Schmitz.

The Cracked Lands

 An artifact from the Menders, this statue is found in a secret cave area, embedded in rock. Toxic sludge flows from within it to a nearby pool, almost as if this was part of a larger purification system that went wrong.

An environment rough to show the overall placement and context of the statue above.

A concept for the Devoured Expanse, the third world in RAD.

The following screenshots represent the work of the entire RAD team:
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