"The Wanting Tree"

Originally sprouted from a fallen fragment of the Undying, the Wanting Tree is sustained by sacrificial faces. This demi-god has evolved with the forest, and the haunting chorus of those that it has seeded echo throughout the region as a testament to its permanence.

"The Oracle Harvest"

When the sisters are in agreement, a gathering is called to the fields of divination to harvest a new Oracle. This sacrosanct act must be performed just before the sun has extinguished itself, for the newly harvested Oracle may blacken in too strong a light or shrivel in the bitter breath of night. Once harvested, the Oracle must be wrapped and hurried to the Extraction Temple before the sun rises again.

"The Extraction"

Once the Oracle has been hollowed, the Extractors prepare the thread of the prophecy for divination. They are an ancient sect, few in number, whose will cannot be diminished by the light of what is to come.

"Divination Space"

Once extracted, the prophecy is fed to that Which Lives Between Walls, who summons a gateway into the divination itself. The divination manifests as a spatial probability and a convoy of elders is sent through the portal to interpret the vision. Their time in the divination is limited, for once the threads are fully digested the gateway collapses, never to open again.

The Unending oversee the world of Pilgrimage, forming a pantheon of elder gods that are immortal but decaying— their essence is bound by magic and technology so that their rule may continue. 

The second god in the Unending Pantheon.

The third god in the Unending pantheon.

The beginning.

First glimpse.

The tower.

The throat.


The crossing.

The wanting gate.



The Gathering.

The Summoning.

The Three.

THE BROKEN are an order of priests who spend the first part of their life cycle carrying the SPINAL PROCESSION-- a giant moving castle-- upon their backs. Once they ascend to their second stage, they are given the task of delivering the sacred masks to the Elder Tree, which they carry on their backs. The Broken are blind and find their way with one of the GUIDING EYES. Over time, The Broken become more tree-like, with bones transforming into branches. By the time they reach stage three, their mobility is all but gone and they remain silent, ageless guardians of the shrouded forest.

The following images are some development sketches and renders created as part of the process.
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