Who doesn't love pirates? The following gouache paintings are from a larger series of pirate images that I've created over the last few years.
Self Portait.
This was a set of Russian stacking dolls that I created for the show "Dig for Fire, art inspired by the Pixies". The show took place at the Thinkspace gallery in Venice Beach.
"Jekyl and Hyde Together Again", gouache on printmaking paper. This was part of a group show inspired by the stop motion film "Mad Monster Party" by Rankin and Bass which take place at Van Eaton Galleries.
"Super Sauce", gouache and pencil on printmaking paper. This was done for the Moonsylvania show at Van Eaton Galleries.
"Today I was an Evil One", acrylic on canvas. This painting was part of the group show "Troublesome Houses:An Art Exhibit Inspired by the Music of Will Oldham" which took place in Louisville.
"Winterbolt" -- a gouache painting I did for the "Villains of Animation" show at Van Eaton Galleries.
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