This is the launch trailer for Grim Fandango Remastered.This video shows some of the lighting and texture improvements that I helped direct and created.
These two screenshots show the difference that our new lighting system made to the look of the game. Because the backgrounds were the orginal, pre-rendered images, our lighting improvements primarily affected the real-time 3D character models. We stayed within the spirit of the original game, and used the new lighting to make them feel more integrated into the environment. We also used a few tricks to project new, real-time shadows on the old, pre-rendered backgrounds.
Original image (above).
Remastered image (above). The lighting has been re-done and the character textures have been up-rezzed.
The following images were created for promotional purposes. I chose to create simple, graphic images that evoked the original look of the characters.
I re-designed the logo and the look for the front-end  of the game.
I created the following rough key art images to get the process started. The first image explored the idea of a woman in love with death and in the second image I tried to capture a film noir vibe, with an off-camera threat, only seen as a shadow across the piecture plane. The final image was an attempt at an action piece, with Manny and Glotis driving the Bone Wagon.
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