The Brutal Legend Trailer

The front cover image I created for the Vinyl re-release of the soundtrack.

The back  cover image for the vinyl re-release of the soundtrack. I had to leave a lot of negative space for the track list.

Some High-Rez sculpts of Eddie's belt buckle, which is the face of Ormagöden, the chrome god of metal.
The main loading screen that I created for Brutal Legend, using a woodcut style.
A marketing image created for a video game magazine using in-game rendered characters and a lot of post-production and painting in Photoshop.
A concept painting for a jungle themed multiplayer map.
Concept sketch/breakdown for some revisions to the Lamprey boss and in-game shot of the final creature
In addition to Art Directing the project, I created production art in a number of areas, including the sculpts and materials for Eddie, our main character, and several other "hero piece" elements in the world.
Images from Zbrush, Maya and in-game, showing some of the many assets I created to make the giant Skull Pile at the beginning of the game.
I created the high resolution sculpts and materials for the game's main character, Eddie Riggs. The image above show several production elements from his "Demon" mode.
I created the giant "sword of Bladehenge" as an example hero piece for the modeling team.
I wrote several production art documents to define key workflows and standards for the art team.
The following Screenshots represent the work of the entire Brutal Legend team.
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