I was the Art Director for Broken Age and created many concepts and layouts for the game.  I was also responsible for initial scene construction, level design and in-game lighting and effects.

The very first piece I did for the game. This was an early concept for Mog Chothra -- the giant ship disguised as a monster.
The following four images are examples of rough layouts I would do for a new scene.
An early design for the male main character. I knew he was a boy, but I thought he was going to be younger (he turned out to be a teenager).
The following images are some early designs for the Dead Eye Druids.
Early on, we were going to have more scenes in Vella's town of Sugar Bunting. These concepts explore the idea of kids dressing up as monsters during the maiden's feast to celebrate the upcoming sacrifices.
The following 3 images defined the look of Shay's ship's computer screens. They depict an enemy ship, an "eye" and a solar system. They were created using Maya, Photoshop and Hexels.
Some early designs for Alex's much-older and damaged monster ship.
An idea I had for the Hexpals to be outfitted in safety gear for Act 2, since the ship was damaged in act 1 and the interior was filled with many hazards.
The following concepts are for the MONSTERLANDS, a plague ridden area of the game that was revealed in Act 2.
The following images are layouts for some of the new scenes in Act 2, which take place in the lower decks of Alex's ship.
The following screenshots reflect the work of the entire team.
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