Pettyland is a board game set in the 80's. Players take control of one of 8 different characters fighting for control within the mind of a delusional artist. Each character has a distinctive personality, special abilities, and personal goals. Your battlefield is PETTYLAND, a strange world littered with places, creatures, companions, and events from Petty’s real and imagined memories. With the right combination of luck, strategy, weighted dice, and bodily fluids, your character may be the one to conquer PETTYLAND.

All of the images created for Pettyland were created digitally, using Photoshop and Manga Studio. I am using a comic inking style similar to work that I did in the late 80's, which is the era when the board game is set.
An example card sheet from Pettyland. Pettyland has over 120 unique card images.
Pettyland is an eight player game, with each player taking the role of one of eight unique characters, each with different abilities and goals. Below are two of the character cards from the game.
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